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Homestead PRD CC&Rs

Homestead Planned Residential Development (PRD) 1992 Master Declaration, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), City of Lynden PRD ordinance and 2019 Covenant Amendments #6 and #7

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Declarant amendment to section 3.5(f)

“Maintenance fees shall increase annually no more than the percentage increase in the cost of living for all urban consumers in the Seattle/Tacoma area as published by the United States Department of Labor for the most recently published 12 month period available on the first day of December, of five (5%) percent, whichever is greater. The failure to increase maintenance fees in one or more years does not waive the right to increase fees the following year up to the maximum combined amount for all years.”

2019.12.03 7th Amendment

Declarant amendment to section 3.5(i)

“Declarant may impose on any and all Parcel Owners a special assessment for the purpose of funding improvements to the Common Open Space and/or maintaining a reserve fund for anticipated, extraordinary or unanticipated expenses for maintaining the Common Open Space. Declarant shall impose and collect any special assessment as provided in this Article.”

2019.01.01 6th Amendment

19.29.130 – Requirement for homeowner’s association and restrictive covenants.

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Lynden, WA Code of Ordinances