Town Hall Meetings

Public Town Halls

FACT: Over 90% of Homestead parcel owners SUPPORT the Class Action against the golf course owner/Declarant. Out of 600+ class members, only 64 individuals “opted-out.”

Town Halls will be presented by Homestead class member volunteers and their Attorneys via Zoom Meeting.

Next Meeting: TBA

Purpose: To keep class and community members correctly informed about the status of the lawsuit and address questions/concerns.

Steps to Attend: 

  1. Link: 
  2. Meeting ID: 360 220 8706
  3. Password: homestead
Only the presenters will have their video and microphones on. To ask questions during the town hall, use the Chat feature or email questions to:

CLICK HERE to Watch May 12, 2021 Town Hall on YouTube or see below. (Length 1:04)

Thank you for participating in our community!