Map of Common Spaces

The preliminary Homestead Planned Residential Development (PRD) agreement between the City of Lynden and Jim Wynstra stated that parks and open spaces would be 8 acres. “Between 1992 and 2010, Homestead expanded from 33 lots to over 600 units. As new plats were added to the Homestead PRD, they were subjected to the CC&Rs. Increased parcels resulted in correspondingly less Common Open Space (COS).” (Source: Lawyers memorandum to homeowners)

The COS’ shown on this map add up to approximately 7.5 acres.  What is not included is the former tennis courts at the corner of Depot Road and East Maberry Drive, which have been sold and are currently being developed.

This COS map was created using the original Homestead master declaration and plat maps of each neighborhood.

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COS – Photos

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