Map of Common Spaces

The preliminary Homestead Planned Residential Development (PRD) agreement between the City of Lynden and Jim Wynstra stated that parks and open spaces would be 8 acres. “Between 1992 and 2010, Homestead expanded from 33 lots to over 600 units. As new plats were added to the Homestead PRD, they were subjected to the CC&Rs. Increased parcels resulted in correspondingly less Common Open Space (COS).” (Source: Lawyers memorandum to homeowners)

The CC&R explicitly states parcel owner dues are only for the maintenance of private streets, street lights and COS – common open spaces (refer to green on the below map). 

The fee increase from $36/month in 2019 to $93/month in 2020 (times 600 parcels) exceeds $600,000 … to maintain the below mapped COS, street lights and private streets.

Homestead PRD Common Open Space Map


Green = Common Open Space

Yellow = Condominiums

Pink = Utility Easement Owned by 18 Paradise, LLP

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COS – Photos

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