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K. David Andersson

Matthew F. Davis

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LYNDEN — The Homestead homeowners’ lawsuit over common area fees has become a class-action case, and the suit presses the City of Lynden as well as golf course owner Morris Chen of Canada to have a part in solutions. Read Full Article

LYNDEN — Homeowners in north Lynden’s Homestead development have sued its golf course
owners and managers claiming misappropriation of maintenance fees that have been collected over
the years. Read Full Article: Page A1 >>> Cont’d on Page A2 >>>

LYNDEN — A second meeting of Homestead homeowners Monday forged some progress toward getting organized and gaining voting rights in the residents’ dispute with managers and owner over hiked fees for common area maintenance. Read full article >>>

LYNDEN — The two managers of Homestead Farms Golf Club last week faced a roomful of
homeowners upset over the 158 percent jump in their monthly “common area” maintenance fees for
2020. Read full article >>>

LYNDEN — Hundreds of Homestead property owners received notice in early December of a 158
percent jump in their monthly maintenance fees effective in 2020. Read full article >>>

BIRCH BAY – The management behind Homestead Farms Golf Club in Lynden is working on restoring Sea Links Golf Course in Birch Bay and hopes to have the course open by next June, with a driving range open earlier in the spring. Read full article >>>

OTTAWA (Updated 04/07/2017) – The founder and a chief investor of a new Canadian bank aimed at Chinese Canadians was
fined for mishandling client insurance claims and faced allegations he duped Chinese immigrants into buying expensive policies they could not afford.  Read full article >>>