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Why We Fight. Latest update for the class.

    Friends and Neighbors,

    The primary objectives of the Plaintiffs’ lawsuit, filed in May of 2020, remain the same today.
    1. Homeowners are entitled to accountability for the collection and expenditure of their maintenance fees for the defined Common Open Space. Only the organization of the Homestead Owners Association will protect those homeowners’ rights.
    2. Plaintiffs, and all class members, want the golf course to remain open and well maintained.
    3. Plaintiffs’ primary goal was, and continues to be, a negotiated settlement. As Declarant, only Defendant 18 Paradise can settle the lawsuit.
    4. Because 18 Paradise does not wish to settle, negotiate or even communicate through counsel, the Plaintiffs are determined to take the case to trial on September 6, 2023.Read more …