Negotiation Timeline



December 4 – Letter from Homestead

December 30 – Homeowners Meeting – Met Josh Williams


January 3 – Two Homeowners (current HOAG members) met with Josh Williams in Lynden to discuss a positive outcome for both. Josh tells the two homeowners to form an advisory group of owners.

January 6 –Neighborhood representatives meet to start uniting

January 13 – Homeowners Meeting – HOAG formed with volunteers

January 21 – HOAG meeting with Josh Williams to discuss negotiations. See Update 5 for more information.

January 29 – HOAG meeting with two attorneys to discuss possible future litigation options. HOAG voted to pursue negotiations, saving litigation for when and if necessary.

January 30 – Negotiation Letter sent registered mail to Josh Williams and 18 Paradise. A HOAG member called Josh to inform him of the mailing, and Josh specifically asked that the 18 Paradise letter be mailed to a certain address. This letter was so Josh could present to 18 Paradise Board on February 1, 2020.  This letter was concurrent with a long conversation indicating negotiating room from Josh. 

During this time, several phone calls back and forth between HOAG members and Josh Williams attempting to bridge the gap.

February 12 – HOAG received a response letter from MJ Management in regard to the negotiations. This letter had no “negotiation” response, it simply asserted that homeowners would have to accept MJ’s position. See Update 5 for a detailed account of the negotiations. The HOAG basically begged Josh to negotiate in order to avoid litigation.

During this period of weeks, the HOAG made attempts to get a corporation together, then a bank account set up for a legal fund, which was mention in earlier HOAG updates. This became challenging at times and prolonged opening the account.

April 20 – The HOAG continued to look at litigation options (see Update 6).

  1. Consumer Protection Act (CPA) – Already started, with signed petitioners. No money needed to start.
  2. RCW legal course. – Needed $30,000 to start.

May 29 – Complaint filed with court.

July 2 – Two HOAG members met with city officials, seven local business members and attorney Seth Woolson to explore any other possible resolution. There were none.