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Motion For Partial Summary Judgement

    On December 18, 2020 a Motion for Partial Summary Judgement was filed in the Superior Court of WA in Whatcom County.  This matter is scheduled to be heard in court on January 22, 2021.

    Excerpt from motion:

    V. Conclusion

    There are many other issues that will have to be decided before this case is over, but the Sixth and Seventh Amendments should be eliminated now. Every month, Homestead owners are being charged the $57 increase from the Seventh Amendment, and they remain susceptible to more special assessments. The improper increase from the Seventh Amendment collectively costs Homestead owners $35,000 per month or $420,000 per year. The Court should put an immediate stop to the payments and deal with the consequences at a later date.”

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    20201218-Motion For Partial Summary Judgement