Homeowner Meeting & Intro to Potential New Buyer

The Homestead Golf Course is for sale and a local Lynden businessman is interested in buying it. Neighbors have coordinated a gathering on Tuesday, April 19th, for Homestead homeowners to attend and meet him. 

This is a terrific opportunity for homeowners to learn more about his goals and intentions as a new Declarant.

Will he … hand over (“convey”) the common open space over to an elected HOA to manage and maintain? 

Or will he … keep declarant rights and continue to use our homeowner fees as revenue to fund private golf course operations and payroll?

Keep in mind,

  • Maintenance fees are only intended for common open space maintenance.
  • By Court order the Common Open Space is not included in areas within the golf course. (Read order)
  • Common Open Space is only 8 acres aprox. (mostly comprised of the Mayberry Plat a.k.a. “Homestead Park”)