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Quick summary of the Homestead Class position and list of grievances.

    The representative plaintiffs would like to share with the rest of the Homestead property owners a simple list we put together to remind us all why we are fighting for a voice in our neighborhood.  We believe in honesty, accountability and integrity.  

    • Approximately 640 homes in Homestead.
    • Homeowners required to pay fee to golf course to reimburse owner for costs spent to maintain common space..
    • Homestead maintenance fee is currently set at $93 per month.  
    • At current rate of $93/month, golf course collects a maintenance fee of $714,240/year.
    • Per court order maintenance fee has been reverted back to the previous amount of $36 per month, pending outcome of lawsuit.
    • Maintenance fee started out at $25 per month in 1992 when initial 18 lots were sold. $450/month was enough to support the maintenance of the common space at that time. 
    • Common space acreage has actually decreased since 1992.
    • Common space does not include golf course or golf course stormwater management system.
    • Homeowners currently pay the City of Lynden $10.87/month for stormwater utility.
    • Single golf course owner. Morris Chen Vancouver BC.
    • Owner refuses to allow homeowners to establish an HOA.
    • Owner dictates how much to collect or assess.
    • Owner does not provide accountability for the maintenance fees.
    • Owner has been profiting on our maintenance fees for years.
    • City ordinance requires establishment of an HOA but City won’t enforce this requirement.
    • Homestead is only Lynden PRD that has not been turned over to HOA.
    • City currently maintains some of Homestead common space without reimbursement from owner.