Community News and Events

We love our Homestead neighborhoods, our neighbors and our Lynden community as a whole. Find below neighborhood updates and events related to the Homestead PRD (Planned Residential Development).

City of Lynden Meeting

On March 29, 2022, Homeowners met with city leadership to follow up on their petition, discuss the current PRD situation and what is the future of Homestead. Read their discussion points and meeting minutes.

Town Hall Meeting

Public Event – Class member attorneys will be hosting another public town hall meeting this April to answer any and all questions about the court’s recent COS ruling stating areas within the golf course are not included in the Common Open Space and other legal updates. Date, Time TBA (outside weather permitting).

Homeowner Meeting

Private Event – Homestead homeowner meeting to introduce Lynden businessman and potential new golf course owner. (Private event – Homestead Homeowners only)

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